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Drinking wine while paddling a kayak, the best combo ever?

People say don’t drink and drive, what about drink and paddle?

Let me run a quick run down of one of my best hobbies, paddling kayaks. There’s nothing better than just getting out there on the lake and doing some old fashioned paddling, it calms you down and you get a nice sun tan while you’re at it .

Just imagine this, you’ve been at work all day. You can see the sun shining outside, it must be at least 25 degrees Celsius outside. But you’re stuck in your office for at least 4 more hours. That sucks, right?  That was me earlier today, watching the people down below enjoying a warm day in the sun.

Well I decided to treat myself after seeing all those happy folks outside, so after I finished my work I headed down to the local lake with my inflatable kayak. Oh right, I brought a bottle of wine with me as well.

I already know what you’re thinking, “But dude! How are you going to get back home if you’re gonna drink on the lake?” Well… Who said I was going to take my car? HA!

That’s the thing with inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats overall, they’re portable. I don’t need my car to go the lake close by, I just put it on my bag and go. It’s actually that simple, who’d knew right?

After a 15 minute walk I got to the lake. Rolled out my inflatable kayak and started pumping it up. You probably have thousands of questions about this kayak, I can answer some of the most common answers.  No, it will not puncture as soon as it touches a stone or sharp object. It’s a 2 person kayak, so me and my wife will fit into just fine, we can also bring along our son. It tracks pretty straight, not as good as a regular hard shell kayak but there’s little to no difference.

Being just me on the kayak, I had plenty of room to lay down and relax and drink my wine. Today’s wine was a Rioja, it’s great for those lazy days where you just want a simple yet elegant wine.

I paddled out about 500 meters or so, laid my paddles into the kayak, put a pillow at the stern and laid down. Since my inflatable kayak is an open type, I have plenty of space to move, it’s also super comfortable. It actually feels like an inflatable air bed.

The view from my kayak, moments before the sun went down.

I think I fell asleep for a while, maybe an hour or so. Just drifting around on this tiny lake. Getting soaked by the sun, there was no wind. Just me and the lake, completely silent. You couldn’t get anything better even if you tried. I think I must’ve spent at least 3 hours out there, just taking it all in and getting the ultimate relaxation. It was much needed after a hectic day at work.

Am I going to do the same thing tomorrow? Definitely, but this time I’ll bring my wife with me for some romantic time together.

If you’re interested in learning more about inflatable boats, and why they’re the best combo along with some fine red wine, you can check out Inflatables Guide. I actually bought one of the kayaks recommended on their site.

The Cape Winelands – A dramatic and uttermost majestic scenery

The Cape Winelands: A majestic scenery

The Cape Winelands: A majestic scenery

The Cape Winelands of South Africa offers some of the most beautiful sceneries and is a place of great wine. Me and my father visited Cape town in 2008 and we were overwhelmed by what the Cape Winelands has to offer in terms of landscape and their excellent wine.

The Cape Winelands are a region situated to the north-east of Cape Town. The wine culture of the Cape Winelands is derived from the 17th century when the Dutch East India company and the governor Simon Van Der Stel awarded the africans land where they could farm their own needs. More and more settlers arrived to the Cape town from countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands, some of them experienced winemakers. This was the beginning of a great wine industry.

The fertile soil and Mediterranean climate of the Western Cape, makes the Cape winelands an uttermost renowned wine producing area. The winelands are also colder than other regions of Africa which makes it an ideal area for growing a wide variety of noble wine grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnary, Cabernet Suvignon and Pinot Noir. The african Pinot noir being one of the greatest tasting wine of the world.

Our favourite wine for burgers


With the summer comes the grilling and with the grilling, Hamburgers. And we think wine can be a great addition to that lovely hamburger dinner with your friends.

Bodegas Nieto Senetiner 2013

pinotWe have selected our favourite bottle of wine for hamburgers and the one that takes the price is Bodegas Nieto Senetiner 2013, a Pinot noir wine from the excellent Bodegas Nieto Senetiner Winery in Argentina. The wine has a medium structure with a long finish. Fruity aromas with hints of red cherry.  Beaming colour and low intensity which is typical of the Pinot grape.

Our tips on Wines under $25, May 2016

Summer is at our door step and wíth it comes time, and time means great opportunities for wine tasting. This month we’re covering some of our favourite wines under $25. $25 is actually an appropriate amount to spend on a bottle of wine, and there for we thought we’d share some of our favourite wines to bring on a picnic or a nice italian dinner on a weekend of May.


Gasper-Malvazija-Goriška-Brda-Slovenia-2014Gasper, Malvazija 2014

A white wine with great taste. This Malvasia has flowerly and stone-fruit aromas with lime overtones. It has a taste of spring and is round with almond and honey intensity.

Price: $19


21011_pIncanta, Pinot Noir 2014

This one is a great vintage red wine with red fruit flavours, especially raspberry and reducrrant tones. It is packed with juiciness and has a straightforward, pure style. A great pinot noir style that won’t dissapoint you.

Price: $13,19

Heumann-Lagona-Villány-Hungary-2012Heumann, Lagona, Villany, Hungary 2012

A fruit forward blend of Cabernet Franc with a taste of Merlot. It has great notes of blackberry, blackcurrant and kirsch. And has some tones of vanilla and oak spices.

Price: $20,50


Make sure you enjoy the rest of May and enjoy some great wines!


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